Doing Business Downtown

Historic preservation is a vital part of a promising future for large cities, small towns, and rural environments. Preserving a community’s heritage doesn’t just save a part of the past – it creates new jobs, provides affordable residential and commercial spaces, improves property values and tax base, increases economic development, revitalizes downtown business districts, and is inherently environmentally sustainable. 

Whether you're a Downtown investor, business owner, or someone who simply shares a passion for Downtown - we would love for you to join our Main Street Brenham efforts.

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What is Main Street?

Once thriving centers of our communities, many traditional downtowns have suffered from years of neglect as growth and investment moved outward towards suburban living. The National Main Street Center, established in 1980 to address these issues and attract the public back to downtowns, works with a nationwide network of coordinating programs and local communities to encourage preservation-based community revitalization.

"Successful, vibrant and active main streets reflect their communities and are the places of shared memory where everyone comes together. Main streets attract visitors and investment." - Texas Historical Commission

As Main Street Brenham, we strive to provide ultimate support for our Downtown stakeholders. We envision Downtown Brenham as the heart of our community - where history is preserved, where unique and exciting businesses thrive, and where the community and visitors want to be for restaurants, shopping, living and entertainment. 

Our mission is to use the National Main Street's 4-point approach to revitalization - organization, promotion, design, and economic vitality - to encourage reinvestment with preservation; and to entice businesses, customers, visitors and downtown residents to the historic district.

Check out our resources below to see where you can show Downtown Brenham some ❤.

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Thank you for showing interest in our Downtown!

To encourage revitalization and preservation of our historic core, Main Street Brenham and the City of Brenham offer downtown development incentives. Their incentives are part of an overall strategy to leverage investment, lower the cost of doing business and level the playing field for business and property owners choosing to invest in their properties. These incentives are tied to the Downtown Brenham Design Guidelines approved by Main Street and City Council.

For more information contact Jennifer Eckermann at 979.337.7384.